Saturday, April 16, 2011

Job Opportunities For Spouses Abroad

I attended a spouses employment brief a couple months ago to see what my options were in case I decide to work while I'm here in Japan. There was a lot of good information but my original goal was going to start job hunting in June. The reason being is that the government hiring process can often times take three months and that would mean I could start a job around fall when the kids are back in school. Sounds good in an ideal world, but I've decided that now is the right time to apply for some GS level positions...especially since there aren't many people to compete with on base at the moment.

I am going to start submitting my resume on CHART (The Navy's employment website) and also on USA Jobs. I have no idea how this process will go. I watched Justin constantly work and re-work his information on these sites last year and know it can be very time consuming and at times frustrating. I've decided to just take the plunge and have a wait-and-see attitude. I am in no rush and hope to savor my free time now before it gets eaten up by the demands of a job.

If I work for at least one year, I will have priority for a government job when we return to the states. This is something I've come to realize would be in my very own best interest to do. I could most likely get a position at PSNS, Keyport or Bangor.

If I didn't want to work on base, there are many options to teach English out in town. Some people I know teach anywhere from 1-4 days a week. Some teach children, while others teach adults.

I am just grateful for all the job opportunities here for us in Japan. I am hoping to start a nice travel fund for our family so that we can see many things here in Asia. Not to mention, I need to replace my diamond earring I lost about a year ago. Those of you who worked with me at my last job know how many "different" funds I had.

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