Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Second Derby Bout

The Yokosuka Sushi Rollers teamed up once again with The Yokota Scary Blossoms for their second roller derby bout on February 12th in Ikego.  This bout was appropriately named The Heart Break'her bout in honor of Valentines Day.  This time, our teams (The Black Hearts vs. The Bloody Valentines) did much better than at our first bout in October.  We were all much better skaters, had better strategies, had more players, and overall, everyone had a better understanding of  how to play the game.

After the bout silly photo!

This bout was actually fun and with each team having their own non-skating coaches, everything went much more smooth.  Word had gotten out to the military community because we had over 400 spectators watching us, plus a lot of recognition in the military newspapers.  The next bout will be on Sunday April 1st at 6pm in Ikego.  This time, we will be teaming with ladies from Misawa, Yokota and Zama.  Roller Derby keeps growing in Japan!  There are many great things to come for this sport in The Land of the Rising Sun.

Me in red tutu.
Read the articles about derby in the local military newpapers:

Teammates in Seahawk Newspaper!

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