Friday, March 23, 2012

Favorite Places To Shop in Japan

Japan has a ton of places to shop.  They have a good variety of both chain stores and privately owned businesses and superb customer service.  Here are some of our favorite places:

You can't miss the big green and white sign.

Nitori  ニトリ

The closest store we have to us is located in Kurihama.  Its about a 20 minute drive, is easy to find, and has a lot of parking.  This store has decent prices and reminds me a lot of Target in the U.S.  The store has a good selection of housewares, bedding, curtains, and furniture.  We ended up buying all the boys' desks here and they were reasonably priced compared to other places in town.  This has been a bonus for us because the yen rate has been pretty low since we arrived in Japan.  Many people I've talked to in Yokosuka still don't know about this store.  Check it out if you get a chance.  You'll be happy you did.

They just opened a 5-story store up in Ginza in Tokyo.

Uniqlo ユニクロ

This clothing store is popular and has locations in Asia, Europe and The United States.  It has very simple clothes and reminds me of The Gap.  They have good sales, many locations, "some" clothes that fit Amerika-jin and best of all, they take credit cards (Visa and American Express).

My favorite purchase from Uniqlo this winter!
100 Yen Shop 100円ショップ

The 100 Yen Stores here are the best.  They have many where we live.  The other day Justin took me to one on Blue Street that I'd never been to.  You can find similar items like at The Dollar Tree back home, but I think that some of the dollar stores here have nicer products.....especially if you go to Daiso next to The Mercure Hotel.  They have some great dishes, treats, baking supplies, party supplies, curtains, etc.  These stores are worth going to especially if you're a visitor to Japan.  If you want to go on a fun field trip, there is a 5 story 100 Yen Store in Machida.  You'll usually never leave these stores empty-handed.

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