Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mt. Fuji Overnight Climb

Last year, I wrote about our experience climbing Mt. Fuji.  While Justin and Cutter were successful making it to the summit within our allotted time (must reach the summit by 1300), everyone knows that I was turned around at 1305 when I was about 15 minutes from the top.

I have not been quiet about my disappointment about "not making it" , and I am sure that people are tired of hearing my story.  I really felt like I would have been able to complete the climb with just a little bit more time.  After telling my Fuji sob story to a friend, she suggested going alone on one of the Mt. Fuji overnight climbing tours.  I'm happy that Outdoor Rec had one for August.  I'm signed up and ready for the August 19-20th tour.  Although I won't technically be "alone", not having to worry about  anyone else except for myself will be helpful as I endure this trek for a second time.

The overnight tour leaves base around 0500 and arrives at the 5th Station around 0900.  We will climb up to the 8th station and stay the night in a hut.  I've heard that I probably won't sleep since there are a ton of others, but I'm looking forward to getting to the 8th station, enjoying some food, and just allowing my body to acclimate.  After some rest, many people will begin climbing in the darkness at 0200 and reach the summit by sunrise.  I'm hoping the weather is good, so that I'll be able to see the beautiful scenery and of course so I can get my last stamp on my walking stick. 

The two things I will bring with me this time:

Trekking poles.

Portable oxygen.  Something we didn't use last time.

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