Sunday, January 19, 2014

Everything Is Delivered and Let The Purging Begin

We received both our temporary storage and our final shipment from Japan last week.  Within two days we had about 16,000 pounds of belongings...........and junk in multiple places around the house and on our property.   Its amazing how much I purged before we moved to Japan, once we arrived in Japan, and before I left Japan.  Despite my efforts, we have already made four trips to donate our things to charity, plus one trip to the dump.  It feels pretty liberating to start weeding through our things and purge the things we no longer need.  Our living spaces are coming together, and we are slowly going through the boxes in the closet, basement, etc.  I think the kids are enjoying their rooms,  connecting with old friends, and getting into a routine.  Work at PSNS is going fine for my husband.  He's been in a routine pretty much since we've been back from Japan.  I'm wishing for more consistency with the gym, and a schedule, but I haven't quite gotten into a good flow.  Hopefully within the next month this will change.  I'm really trying to place few expectations on myself after such a big move.

Stuff to be donated and taken to the dump.

This week's experiences:

  1. Its quite expensive having a male driver under age 25 on our car insurance.  Luckily, even college students can get discounts for getting good grades.  We will have to wait until after winter quarter grades are turned in to see a change in our monthly payment.
  2. My middle son has become an expert at driving after his second week of drivers education. ;)
  3. I've seen such an influx of people that look, or act transient.  It seems worse since we were last here.  
  4. We finally have our first Android phone.  I was able to figure out how to answer it and charge it...that's at least a start.
  5. It costs $80 to get a license in Washington State.
  6. The Seahawks spirit is awesome.  They are going to the Superbowl!
  7. If you don't like your job, then you need to quit.  This past week has been jam-packed with horrible customer service.  Maybe the full moon had something to do with it.
  8. Having my younger kids take the bus to and from school is liberating.  
  9. Its been joyful not having to worry about the kids being loud in our home.  I constantly worried about this when we were living in base housing.
  10. Yams/sweet potatoes in the U.S. do not compare to the wonderful tasting ones in Japan.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Uwajimaya in Seattle may have Japanese sweet potatoes. 
  11. I'm remembering to lock my house and cars.  I had to re-learn this behavior after living in Japan.   

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