Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Ramen, originally from China, is a very popular food item in Japan.  You can find it on most menus, made with a variety of broths, and at Ramen-ya restaurants whose specialty is this delicious wheat noodle soup.

We've had ramen a number of times since arriving in Japan.  My favorite broth is miso, but you can also get curry, shio (salt), shoyu (soy sauce), and tonkatsu (pork bone).  There are also other varieties of broth you can find at Ramen-ya restaurants.  On our third night here we were taken by our sponsor to The Red Door Ramen (Mitsumiya)  restaurant in town.  I had #5 and it was fantastic.  It had a creamy broth that tasted like it was made with coconut milk.  Oishii desu! 

In 1958 instant noodles were invented by a Japanese-Taiwanese man.  There are many choices and flavors of noodles to choose from.  We've had some good and bad tasting instant noodles, but they make a convenient and quick meal.

Ramen noodle machine
Raumen Museum in Shin-Yokohama

There is a ramen museum I really want to go to in Shin-Yokohama.  My youngest son and I were supposed to go on a field trip back in March, but it got canceled due to the earthquake.  This museum has a 1950's replica of an old street in Tokyo, the history of ramen, demonstrations on how it's made, restaurants, and dishes used to serve ramen over the years.  It sounds like an interesting experience and worth going to at least once while we're here. 

Ramen vending machine.

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