Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I think because we spend so much more time walking to and from the train station, that more time and attention is spend enjoying our surroundings.  I've noticed plants and flowers here in Japan that I have never seen back home, get to people watch more, and can just enjoy the experience of living in a different country.  I always tell people that Japan is so kawaii-ne or cute.  The people, the customer service, kids' school uniforms, the details when wrapping a gift.....the list goes on.

I even find signs here so kawaii-ne and funny.  The road signs aren't funny, just the ones that give you information or warning.  They are so childlike, and often written as a characture.  I love this small piece of living in Nippon.   

Watch out for the train.
Do not litter.

Crosswalk sign.
Priority Seating on the train.
On the escalator at the mall.

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