Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Helpful Websites For People Living or Traveling in Japan

This autumn is just flying by.  Hard to believe in just four days it will be Halloween and that there are already Christmas decorations in the stores......even out in town. 

Anyway, I've recently stumbled across some good websites for those living in, or traveling to Japan. You can never have too many resources.    This is a wonderful site where you can view things in Japan via video.  There are tons of different topics that this site covers.  Try clicking "like" on their Facebook site so that you can get regular updates on all the fun and exciting things to do in Japan.   This site is obviously geared towards the military community, but has pretty good forums, local job information, etc.  I went onto this site before we moved here just to see what other people had to say about the questions I had.  Check it out.   I just found out about this website yesterday.  I can't believe we've been here for over 10 months and we haven't used it.  This site will help you navigate the train systems from point A to point B, give you the amount of yen you will need, what trains to catch, etc.  I can't wait to use it.  Others swear by this site!

We've had many fun things the past couple of weekends.  Look for my upcoming blogs about roller derby, the Mikoshi Parade, and of course....Halloween.

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