Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween ハッピーハロウィン

The boys and their friends trick-o-treating.
This week we experienced our first Halloween in Japan. We weren't completely into the Halloween spirit this year, but did buy some pumpkins, went to a haunted house (or two), and wore costumes.  I normally love Halloween....not just the candy, but any opportunity to dress up and buy a new wig. I wasn't able to pick up a new wig this year, but I brought 4 with me when we moved.  Next year, I'll just have to splurge on 2.

There were Halloween decorations around my neighborhood, and in some stores. The Japanese have adopted some American holidays and customs. It's usually on a much smaller scale, although the local mall already has Christmas decorations on display.

Halloween display at mall.
Some kids in my neighborhood went trick-o-treating last weekend to their friends' homes, and I saw something organized at one of the area parks on Halloween.  I wanted to check out the happenings at the park but we were on our way to base.  The boys, along with hundreds of Japanese came onto base for trick-o-treating.  I've never seen so many cute costumes, candy and people out and about on Halloween.  It looked like everyone was enjoying themselves.  My kids had a great time with their friends and got a ton of candy...which is the most important thing of all!!

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