Thursday, November 24, 2011

Our First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving marks the last, of our "first" holidays in Japan.  I know I'm sounding like a broken record, but time has just gone by so quickly since we came here.  Its hard to believe we're approaching our 1 year Anniversary in just three short weeks! 

I was mulling over what to do for Thanksgiving given I only have a small convection oven to work with.  I thought about getting an already prepared meal from base, cooking some turkey breasts, or getting together with friends to share Thanksgiving with.  Well, as it turns out, we were invited to our friends house for dinner.  I am going to be bringing some of the sides, a dessert, drinks, and our friends will be preparing both a turkey and ham and some of the other fixins!

I'm thoroughly grateful this holiday season.  While we will be missing our friends and family back home, I'm grateful for the new friendships we have formed, and most of all for all of the experiences our family continues to have. 

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it 
is like wrapping 
a present and not giving it 
--William Arthur Ward--

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