Friday, June 1, 2012


Hello Kitty is an icon in Japan and around the globe.   Founded in the early 1970's by the Japanese company San Rio, she made her way to The United States back in the mid-1970's.  As a child growing up in the 1970's I remember admiring many of the Hello Kitty things in the mall.  There were cute erasers, pencils, stickers, purses.....I wanted it all.

Since all of my children are boys, I hadn't given Hello Kitty much thought until I moved to Japan.  She is everywhere, and you simply cannot ignore her!  Not that I mind, because she is so "kawaii" (cute in Japanese)!  I don't currently own anything that has Hello Kitty on it, but do enjoy buying memorabilia for people living Stateside.  Not only are the products targeted towards young girls, but many adult women love her as well.   For adults, you can find an abundance of Hello Kitty products such as: clothing, jewelry, trinkets, dishes, bedding, cooking utensils, and purses to name a few.

Hello Kitty fans can also go to theme parks and hotels with HK decor, and see her face emblazoned on airplanes, cars, motorcycles, and buses.  It is nice to see this character on so many things.  Hello Kitty is innocent and sweet and makes me smile.  Again, just another reason for me to love being in Japan. 

Hello Kitty Airplane

Hello Kitty Hotel

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