Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Changes and Plans


After a busy spring with work, school, out-of-town visitors, and other activities, I am welcoming some of the quiet in this first week of summer.  While this is one of my favorite times of the year, living on a military installation means that it is also a time for change.  Our neighborhood has become a bit of a ghost town and our house has become less Grand Central Station.  Once school is out on base, many families and teachers return Stateside for part, or all of the summer.

This is also PCS, or moving season for many Navy families.  Everyday I see moving trucks and read about friends who are packing out soon.  I work at the base thrift store where I am constantly receiving donations from people on-their-way-out.  For the past month I have been in denial.  I don't want people to go onto their next duty station.  Sometimes I even kick myself for not forming certain friendships sooner.  While some of the circumstances are beyond my control, the one thing I am grateful for is the people I have met here.  I know just like anywhere else I've lived, that I am committed to staying in touch with people I care about.  The convenience of Facebook and email makes staying in contact easier and softens the blow to those of us left behind.

My neighbor writes a very fun and witty blog about her family's experience in Japan.  Although she will be moving soon, here's the link if you want to check it out: http://clearykazoku.blogspot.jp/

Summer Plans

We are planning on having a typical summer with a lot of sunshine, beach time, going to the outdoor pool, socializing, BBQ's and relaxing.  My oldest will be working, my middle son going away to 4 sleep-away camps, and my youngest will be dog-sitting, cat-sitting and performing trampoline patrol for our neighbors.  Justin is at Boy Scout camp this week, will be doing Aikido as much as he can, and be busy working.  I have a month-long break in the summer from my job, so I will be catching up with friends, hoping to get onto a Space A flight (alone) to Guam, plan to conquer climbing Mt. Fuji on an overnight tour, and dance in my Yukata during Bon Odori....no matter how hot it will be.  I am the most excited about our 10 day family vacation to Thailand and Cambodia.  I've always wanted to go to Thailand, and am especially glad to have my brother joining us.  I can't wait to see the sights, eat some delicious food, expose the kids to new cultures, ride a Tuk Tuk and be doing all this with my family.

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