Sunday, October 6, 2013

CrossFit Throwdowns and More Tasty Recipes

In July, and just last weekend, I participated in CrossFit Throwdowns.  Our group, along with many others CrossFit groups competed in two workouts (WODs).  There were over 50+ people competing in the throwdown in either the prescribed weigh or scaled (me) divisions.  This event was pretty scary the first time, but the experience was great.  I realized that I needed to work on so many basic skills.  These realizations are good because its given me a better focus and direction with my CrossFit goals.   Last weekend, I wasn't as nervous as before because I knew what to expect, and that I would just try to do my best.  I also was able to have a great cheering section and a couple PR's (personal record) on my weights.  I love my group and CrossFit because the people you meet are like-minded, positive, and fun to be around. 

Here is the scaled second WOD from last weekend:

5RFT (5 rounds for time)  8 min max
5 Snatches
10 butterfly sit ups
15 air squats

Jerk Ladder was 1st WOD.
All the wonderful participants!

More Tasty Recipes

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