Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2nd Local Update

Below is another link that provides good information to us here in Japan.  It even gives a readout of the radiation levels in every Prefecture (we're in Kanagawa) as of yesterday.  We have been advised to limit our time outdoors, but work and school are still in session.  The evacuation area has increased to 50 miles today (U.S. Embassy is suggesting this), but Yokosuka is over 200 miles from the Nuclear Power Plant.

We have recently been given information on putting together a 72 hour Emergency Bag.  This isn't a bad idea, even if you aren't confronting a crisis.  You can never have enough Emergency Preparedness training or knowledge.

We are trying to remain calm and optimistic for ourselves and our family.  We are also trying to limit what we are seeing or reading because it truly doesn't help at times such as these.

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