Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another update

We went to a Town Hall meeting last night to listen to an Admiral field questions about our current situation.  According to what we learned, we are in no imminent danger due to the radiation here.  The levels are within normal range (although they do become elevated in the rain...which it had been doing for the last couple of days).  We were also told the U.S. and Japanese governments are monitoring, and testing the radiation levels daily.  Good news for those of us still residing in Japan.  Iodine tablets became available to us on Monday.  This is strictly for precautionary measures, and there has been no order for us to take them.  My mom even has some on hand since she lives very close to a Nuclear Power Plant in California.  

The kids returned to school yesterday.  While many families have left, or are still leaving, we were reassured that school would remain open to teach the children that are planning to remain here.  My youngest son had to go into another class since he only had 5 kids in his class.  Luckily, they have 8 classes in his grade.  It will take some adjusting to, but hopefully we can just make it through this school year.  This will be the school year they will always remember.........full of transitions!

Interesting article from an American living in Japan during the current crisis:

Amongst all the chaos here, there are amazing plants and flowering trees blossoming.

*****Messages from our Japanese friends/neighbors*****


How  are  you ?  I  hope  you  and  your  family  are fine. 
I  miss  you  and  class. 
I  hope  we  will  see  you  on  this  coming  Friday  but  I  still  waiting  the  message  from  Family  support  center  whether  we  can  have  the  class  or  not.
After  the  earthquake  and  the  trouble  of  power  plant  in  Fukushima  everyone  are  nervous.  I  hope  everything  are  getting  move  forward.
Take  care  and look  forward  to  seeing  you.

Arigatou Gozaimasu Shannon!!! Looking forward to get together with you when you back ♥ I am so glad I met you!!!   (She thought we did the "voluntary" evacuation...but I told her we were still here.)

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