Sunday, March 20, 2011

3rd Update

I've been wanting to do another update but there has been too much information we've been given and it has been changing daily.  We continue to try to keep a good attitude and are still safe.  I'm just grateful that we live out in town because the Japanese are continuing with their daily lives.  They are concerned with the effects of the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear power plant, but continue to hold their heads high.  They are remarkable people and we're fortunate to be in a country when they are not only brave, but concerned about how we Amerika-jin are doing.

Some families have chosen to leave the base on their own, while others are choosing to "voluntarily" evacuate.  The process has been slow and some military dependents who received orders to return stateside have chosen to cancel their orders.  We are not choosing to "voluntarily" evacuate at this time.  If the evacuation becomes "mandatory" we will go to my mom's house in California.

The schools decided to close last Friday, and are still closed today (3/21).  We've heard that school may resume tomorrow.  It will be good to have the kids back at school.  They need to be educated and kept busy during this time.

We have also kept ourselves occupied a few days helping with the winter clothes drive for the victims up North.  There have been numerous shipments delivered to the devastated area via boat, helicopter, and truck.  So rewarding.  I'm glad that the boys and I were able to participate in this incredible mission.  Thank you to those of you back home who have figured out ways to help the people of Japan.  

Radiation Levels (we are under Kanagawa):

Miscellaneous sites we use for current information:

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