Sunday, January 8, 2012

Loosing a Loved One While Abroad Part II

Before I move forward in this New Year I wanted to write a little bit about my Uncle Kevin.  He passed away just before Christmas at age 51 from cancer.  The news of his death is heartbreaking even though it was apparent that the cancer had been spreading violently over the past few months.  Kevin's death, coupled with the death of my grandfather just three weeks before, has been a very difficult time for our family.  Its especially sad that my uncle left behind a lovely wife, two daughters (12 & 14) and a handful of friends and family who will miss him dearly.

Although my uncle and I weren't particularly close, we were only 9 years apart in age. When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents when Kevin was still living at home.  Looking back, there are many things I remember about him:  he always had a meticulously clean car, going to see him at Marie Callenders where he worked, watching him play High School Football, his friends always being so nice to me, and him trying to scare me with a blackened front tooth and his hair pinned up in my grandma's clip (he was a teenager...what more can I say).

The last time I spoke to him was on Skype last summer.  He looked and sounded good even though he was was receiving treatments.  This is exactly the way I want to remember him.

Please click on the link below to read a blog entry from my Uncle Jeff.  He wrote a heartwarming story about Kevin and Starbucks: 

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