Saturday, January 28, 2012

Moving To Base Housing

We've had a busy week in our family.  I had a job interview and started a part-time job, Justin went on TDY to Sasebo, and we were offered base housing.  We have been on the waiting list for a year, so when we got the call that something was available, we decided to take it.  Its a nice 4 bedroom townhouse very close to the younger boys' schools, next to where I practice derby, and close to many of our friends.

The news was a little bittersweet for us because we do love our home, our community, and neighbors.  They have been so generous and kind to us over the past year.  I kind of feel like we are abandoning our neighbors, but am told that they understand.  It is easy to escort them onto base, or meet for lunch or coffee in town.   One of my neighbors would like to take me up to Tokyo in February.  I'm looking forward to continuing our friendship.

We had the inspection and received the keys yesterday to our townhouse.  Its pretty cozy, but I will enjoy the following amenities: a full size oven, a laundry room, a yard, and having a bathroom in our bedroom.  The movers will come on Monday morning and will be able to pack, and deliver our belongings the same day. 
Laundry Room

I forgot to mention that our neighbor across the street read Justin's fortune for him on New Year's Day.  In the fortune, it said that there will be a move and it won't be good, but that the family we will be okay.   I have hope that this move will be good for us.  I'm still looking forward to the next chapter in our adventure.

Our backyard.

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  1. Im soo jealous.... Im happy you guys got a place onbase.... Enjoy!!! and Congrats!!!