Saturday, January 21, 2012

Seijin no Hi (Coming of Age)

A friend snapped this photo at the local mall.
The second Monday of January is set aside for Japan's National holiday called Seijin no Hi. This holiday has been recognized for over 60 years and is a Coming of Age day for both male and female Japanese who have turned age 20 between April of the previous year, and April of the current year. 

Coming of Age ceremonies (seijin-shiki) have been performed for centuries marking a Japanese person's entrance into adulthood.  Currently, on Seijin no Hi, the celebrated go to local government offices for a ceremony and gifts in the morning, then continue the festivities with a shrine visit and partying into the evening.

Most girls dress in formal kimono, wear faux fur and go to a salon to get primped for the occasion.  When I was driving on Seijin no Hi, I saw many girls leaving salons with their hair done up so pretty.  Japanese males may wear a traditional dark kimono with a hakama, but as time goes on, many are found wearing suits and ties to celebrate their special day.

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